Vertex/Standard FNB-12 Battery
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Vertex/Standard FNB-12 Battery

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Vertex/Standard FNB-12 Battery - Replacement Battery for FT-23R, FT-33R, FT-73R, FT-411, FT-470, FT-811, FT-911, FTH-2005, FTH-2008, FTH-2010, FTH-7005, FTH-7008, FTH-7010, and FTC-7005. OEM Part Number: FNB-12.

Battery pack is 3" tall.  It can be re-charged with a wall charger (original NC-18B, or our WC-12Y), or in a desktop Charger (such as the NC-29, or our EMS-30Y Rapid Charger).

Battery Specifications:
Application: Portable Two-Way Radio, LMR
Voltage: 12
Nominal Capacity: 1000mAh
Chemistry: Rechargeable NiMH
OEM Battery Part Numbers: FNB-12